TrackStar Pricing Information

TrackStar can be licensed for any number of users desired. ISC provides sample pricing for multiple configurations on each product specific page. To see sample pricing, please follow the appropriate link below. If you need pricing for multiple modules or for a custom configuration, please contact us using the CONTACT US button.

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Licensing Information

TrackStar Licensing is flexible and provides for hosted and in-house, and source-code installations.

ASP (Application Service Provider) License

In this model, ISC installs the software for you in it's Jacksonville datacenter. We install all updates, manage the servers, perform backups, and generally do all of the regular system maintenance functions. In this model, you pay a monthly service fee based upon the number of users licensed. The fee includes software updates and help desk support.

ISC provides a shared operating platform for the application, including hardware, operating system, and database software. Customer accesses system via the internet using a shared URL ( Optionally, customer may pay a small annual fee to have their own URL registered, such as .

Billing Policy (excerpt from agreement)
Customers may license TrackStar based on a monthly, quarterly, semi-annual, annual, or biannual commitment term. Our published prices are based on an annual commitment. ASP fees are adjusted based on the commitment term duration.

When a new contract is signed, payment for the initial term and any setup or training fees are due with the contract. The agreement will automatically renew at the end of the initial term for another term equal in duration to the original term. Customer will be billed on the first day of the renewal period for the new term. Payment terms are net 30 days.

Automatic renewal declination
Either customer or ISC may decline renewal by providing at least thirty days written notice before the end of the current term.

Early termination
If customer chooses to cease using TrackStar before the end of the current term, no refunds of unused months will be made.

Changing term
Customer may choose to convert the renewal term by providing written notice of its intention to do so at least thirty days prior to the renewal date. Customer will be billed for the renewal term at the then current rate charged for their configuration.

Monthly term payment
Customers who select a monthly commitment term must pay by credit card. Credit card billing will occur automatically on the first day of each month, until terminated by customer.

Other term payment
Customers who select a commitment term other than monthly will be invoiced on the first date of each renewal term. Payment can be made by check, ACH, or wire transfer (credit card not accepted). Payment is net thirty days.

Pro-rated payment of initial term
The initial payment may include a pro-rated fee for a partial month, based on the start date of customer. For example, if your start date was June 15th, and the commitment term was one year, you would pay for 12 months, plus 15 days at a pro-rated rate.

Services Included:

  • Hardware setup, installation and maintenance
  • Software installation
  • Daily backups
  • Server monitoring
  • Phone/email support
  • URL Registration (Optional)
  • Site Encryption (Optional)


In-House License
In this model, ISC provides the software to you for installation at your facilities. You will need a Microsoft Web server (IIS), and a SQL Server database. These servers can be shared with other applications. In this model, you pay a one-time license fee based upon the number of users licensed.  An annual software maintenance fee is required in the first year, and optional thereafter, which includes software updates and help desk support.

Customer pays a one-time setup fee which covers several hours of phone-based administrative training and installation support. Customer is responsible for all hardware and operating system software.

This license option is not available for small installations (generally less than 200 users).

Services Included:

  • Enhancement Releases
  • Phone/email support


Source CODE License

For large, enterprise configurations, TrackStar can be obtained as a source-code license.  You can either maintain the application yourself, or contract with ISC for enhancements and maintenance activities.

Customer obtains a source code license for the enterprise. License fee is based upon the size (number of employees) in the company.

Customer pays additional roll-out fee for each additional server where software is installed. Customer certifies annually.

Software Support

Help Desk Support (Per Call)

Help Desk Support is offered on a per-incident basis for customer not on a maintenance plan. Support can be requested either via email or by phone. Support incidents are charged at a rate of $150 per phone based incident, of $75 per email based incident. You may purchase a pre-paid service pack of ten calls at a discounted rate.

Help Desk Support is used for:

How-to questions

  • Advice on system setup and options
  • Operational problems
  • In the event an incident is due to a software defect or service interruption in the ISC provided software or service, customer will not be charged for the incident.

Enhancement requests can be submitted via email and are not counted as service incidents.

Support Credit

Hsted customers receive a support credit each month based on a percentage of their service fee. Incident charges are deducted from this service fee credit.

Software Maintenance & Support

Software Maintenance Services are included with all hosted accounts, and are optional for in-house installations. The maintenance service keeps your system up-to-date, and provides for error corrections and annual enhancement releases, as well as help-desk support.

This service includes:des:

    Enhancement Releases
  • Error Correction Releases
  • Help Desk Support

For Hosted Accounts, this software maintenance service also includes:

  • Installation of software upgrades